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Customer Testimonials


Over the top customer service!  I purchased a ring 3 years ago and one of the diamonds fell out.  I don't live in Indiana, but on a recent visit, I decided to stop in and see if they could do anything for me.  After 3 years I expected to be told, "Sorry, we can't help", but surprisingly the staff member said, "Let me clean it up for you and take a look."  First, a free cleaning-how nice.  When she returned, I was surprised they admitted there was an issue with the setting for that diamond and would replace the diamond free of charge.  As I mentioned, I live out-of-state and they not only were willing to replace the diamond, but ship it to me insured, all on their dime.  They also called me to let me know when the ring was fixed and about to ship to me so I could look out for it.  The fix and the delivery back to me was expeditious.  

Argentum also distinguishes themselves from other jewelers.  You will find unique, beautiful jewelry and every time I visit, I find multiple items I'd love to purchase.  I'll be back in another year and will make Argentum a stop to reward them for the fantastic customer service by purchasing another piece of jewelry!  Thanks so very much, Argentum!!

Jill S.

Brandy Station, VA


My fiancé and I went to several jewelry stores in Bloomington looking for an engagement ring. Argentum was the first and last place we looked. The vibe there is very relaxed and they don't pressure you about anything. It is family owned and operated which meant we only dealt with two salespeople; a mother and daughter.  We went back several times to iron out details and were treated with such friendliness and respect each time.  They were able to get the ring finished in time for New Years Eve and went to lengths to make sure it would be.  My fiancé would also like me to mention the fact they have an awesome aquarium which has nothing to do with jewelry but he really liked it.  They were willing and able to match the price of a similar ring we found online.  I don't buy jewelry often at all but if I ever do I won't go anywhere else.

Amy D.

Bloomington, IN


Argentum always has the highest quality of new and interesting jewelry, and their service is excellent. Recently the center stone in an older ring fell out. Luckily, I found the stone and took it in to Sally immediately to see what we should do. Sally recommended that we replace the white gold prong setting with a platinum prong setting, as that would be stronger and more reliable, and not incidentally nicer looking as well. We decided to go for it, and I couldn't be happier - the ring is better than restored - the new setting shows off the diamond beautifully, and it looks better than it did when I first got it, years and years ago. My daughter even asked if I'd gotten a larger diamond! I couldn't be happier, and Sally and her team once again proved themselves as knowledgable, reliable, helpful, and trustworthy.

Jocelyn B.

Bloomington, IN


Always a unique selection of jewelry. If you're looking for an original piece - something to stand out - don't bother with other big chain jewelry stores. Sally and her team have impeccable taste and are always eager to help. Great customer service, better product!

Emily G.

Bloomington, IN


Terrific service, terrific creativity! I had a ring with a small missing inset of turquoise, and was prepared to toss it. Thought about Argentum and took the ring in. They sent it to New Mexico for the repair work and it was back to me very promptly, exactly as promised. Actually, the ring looks better now than when I bought it 25 years ago. I was so pleased with the service, the responsiveness to solving my problem, and the quality of the work. Argentum is one of Bloomington's special businesses that caters to individuals, not mass crowds!

Sandra L.

Bloomington, IN


Hands down BEST jeweler in Bloomington. Excellent customer service and they really care about what you want, not trying to just shove the most expensive thing your way. Argentum does custom jewelry as well as repairs, I had a ring made from them and it was EXACTLY what i had envisioned in my head, I never take it off! Also, what a beeeautiful store, and I dont say that about many stores..really top notch- seems like it should be on Madison Ave. The employees were such a help and so kind and patient with me. If you are thinking about going anywhere else, don't! Argentum is it!

Sheryl W.

Bloomington, IN

Thanks Haley! For my engagement ring I had a long cherished picture of a loveknot designed ring with a diamond in one circle.  Dale's dad had a ring with a lovely diamond we were able to use. Haley's designer perfectly replicated the loveknot in  white gold with the family diamond firmly and beautifully set. The ring is perfectly balanced to have the setting stay on top of my finger, and it fits so comfortably that I am able to wear it 24/7, and I am not a ring wearing person!
Argentum Jewelers are a fabulous family business!  you know that as their customer,  you are special!
We will be return customers!
Thanks greatly!  
Sue Geier and Dale Edson

Sue G.

Martinsville, IN


Pleasantly surprised to find a jewelry store in Bloomington not exclusively focused on giant diamonds or other blinged out expensive items. Argentum has a variety of unique jewelry at different price points. Much it is is youthful with clean lines. This is somewhere you can pick up an affordable map of Bloomington necklace or classic opal earrings. As you'd expect from their name, there is plenty of silver jewelry. They also have Skagen watches and do jewelry repairs.

Katie B.

Indianapolis, IN


I want to thank Haley at Argentum for assisting me in picking out my engagement ring. She made it a seamless experience. I would highly recommend this local option over anything else in Bloomington. Thanks again Sally and Hayley.

Brett S.

Bloomington, IN


we have lived in Bloomington and Indianapolis for the last 25 yrs. First stepped foot in Argentum in 1992 and have NEVER dealt with another jewelry store since. Once trust is established, always trust ( with Sally Walker) The best unique variety for any occasion. All jewelry needs!

Mary G.

Bloomington, IN


Had a wonderful experience here and would highly recommend this place to anyone in the Bloomington area and beyond looking for fine jewelry. I planned on shopping around but didn't find it necessary after stopping in at Argentum. Hayley was very helpful and informative, I highly recommend Argentum.

Steven M.

Bloomington, IN


Beautiful selection, full range of prices and styles. Sally has always been so kind and helpful. They don't pressure sales at all. I have a number of pieces from Argentum including a wedding ring I, of course, treasure.

Hannah M.

Bloomington, IN


I've been using Argentum Jewelry since the late 70s. They designed and made my weddings rings and engagement ring. They redesigned my wedding ring, adding 2 triangular shaped diamonds, making it into a gorgeous dress ring. I have bought several great jewelry pieces from them including necklaces, bracelet, earrings, rings. They have appraised/certified diamonds for me. The store is great and Sally Walker, the owner, is so knowledgeable and creative. Go there-you won't regret it!

Lyn R.

Hollywood, CA


I've shopped at Argentum for over 30 years for all kinds of occasions, including wedding rings. Exceptional quality and competetive prices, combined with a very knowledgable staff, make Argentum one of the best jewelry stores in the Midwest. You will find something for everyone at Argentum!


Bloomington, IN


Always the first place we will look for jewelry from now on. I'm normally very uncomfortable in Jewelry stores, but Argentum breaks the mold. Professional, family oriented, non-commission-based service. We had very limited time and budget to get two wedding bands. While there were plenty of expensive options, we were still treated with respect and felt very welcome and valued on a lower budget. Sales staff were very knowledgable and just seemed to know what we would like when we had no idea. We loved their suggestions. One band was in the store, but my size had to be ordered. They made sure it got there in time and everything went very well. Always recommended!

Shawn S.

Bloomington, IN

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